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Lollipop Films

Lollipop Films is the creative duo of: Iwona Harris i Kacper Lisowski.
We call ourselves a duo because partnership is the crucial rule. Although we divide our duties – Iwona Harris is responsible for the production-related and financial side, and Kacper Lisowski for the artistic – all strategic and creative decisions are made together.
We came to this partnership, while working on our last project “Judges under pressure”. An independent full-length documentary about the rule of law. A film with entirely uncinematic subject matter and an unknown script that is written by the course of life. With protagonists that are viewed as distant, careful, inaccessible.
We quickly came to understand that in such a brave and risky project we need to keep together as closely as possible. “Trust” turned out to be the magic word. This film was made on trust. We needed to gain the trust of judges, work with trusted people and trust each other.
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