Iwona Harris

Born in Warsaw in 1973. Alumna of the Faculty of Film Production at the Łódź Film School who previously studied Political Sciences at the University of Warsaw. Producer and production manager. Before entering the film industry, Iwona spent many years in marketing, including at Hachette Filipacchi, Saatchi& Saatchi and Wprost. Since 2010 she creates under the brand Lollipop Films. Iwona has produced feature-length co-productions as well as short films and documentaries. As an independent producer she debuted with the documentary The Lady of Korczew (2018), directed by Sławomir Rogowski with photos by Kacper Lisowski. Kacper joined Lollipop Films in early 2020 as co-owner of the company.


2021 „Sędziowie pod presją” (Judges under pressure), documentary, 87 minutes; dir. Kacper Lisowski; Producer
2020 „Tysiąc Tóg” (A Thousand Robes), documentary, 12 minutes, dir. Kacper Lisowski; Producer
2018 „Pani na Korczewie” (The Lady of Korczew), documentary, 57 minutes, dir. Sławomir Rogowski; Producer
2018 „Koński Ogon” (The Horse’s Tail), feature film, dir. Justuna Łuczaj-Salej; Creative development producer/Indeks Film Studio
2017 „Julka – dziewczynka z naklejkami” (Julka – the sticker girl) development, feature film for young viewers. Completed development with Polish Film Institute funding. Planned production: Autumn 2021; Producer
2014 „Obowiązki” (Duties), short film, 28 minutes, dir. Anna Karasińska; Coproducer
  • Warsaw (Łódź Film School Festival "Łodzią po Wiśle") - Award for best narrative study for “a sense of humour and a successful attempt at tackling the most difficult of film genres”
2014 „Mój alkoholiku” (My Alcoholic), short film, 30 minutes, dir. Grzegorz Krawiec; Co-producer and Production Director
2012 „Zabić bobra” (To Kill a Beaver), feature film, 98 minutes, dir. Jan Jakub Kolski; Co-producer
  • 2012 Karlovy Vary (International Film Festival) – Award for best male part for Eryk Lubos
  • 2012 Bydgoszcz (International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography "Plus Camerimage") – Main Prize in the Polish Film Competition for Michał Pakulsk
  • 2014 Tarnów (Tarnów Film Prize) – Jury’s Special Prize for „the use of modern media of expression and courage in using the contemporary language of film and the successful introduction to the screens of the debuting actress Agnieszka Pawełkiewicz”
  • 2014 Łagów (Lubuskie Film Summer) – Film Culture Club Prize
2011 „Anna German”, television series, 10 episodes of 50 minutes, dir. Artem Antonow, Waldemar Krzystek; Production cooperation for shots in Poland/Star Media  
2010 „Felix, Net i Nika oraz Teoretycznie Możliwa Katastrofa” (Felix, Net and Nika and the Theoretically Possible Disaster), feature film, 99 minutes, dir. Wiktor Skrzynecki; Co-producer/Media Group
  • 2012 Nowy Sącz (KinoJazda Childrens’ and Young People’s Film Festival) – “The Golden Shots" Main Prize for “a dynamic, suspenseful plot and the representation of well-known motifs in a new, original way”.
  • 2013 Orzeł (Polish Film Prize) – Nomination for Best Sound for Nikodem Wołk-Łaniewski
  • 2013 Hollywood (International Family Film Festival Raleigh Studios) – Prize for Best Feature Film in the Mixed Media category
  • 2013 Olsztyn (Bluebox Film Festival) – GreenBox Award in the feature film category for "integrating worlds” for Ewa Skoczkowska and Lightcraft
  • 2013 Kraków (Children’s Fim Festival) – Distinction
2010 „Po co komu adres matki” (Why Would Anyone Need Mother’s Address), short film, 23 minutes, dir. Maciej Bieliński; Production Cooperation
2010 „Wiśniowa historia” (Cherry History), short film, 15 minutes, dir. Grzegorz Krawiec; Production Management
  • 2012 Przemyśl (CK OFF Independent Film Festival) – Audience Award
  • 2012 Przemyśl (CK OFF Independent Film Festival) – Podkarpackie Voievodship Board Award
2010 „Walt Disney nie żyje” (Walt Disney is Dead), short film, 14 minutes, dir. Maciej Bieliński; Production Management